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American Gems
Willow Creek JasperWillow Creek Jasper Photo
  • This is one of America’s most beautiful jaspers with a full range of pink, mauve, tan, green, chocolate and rust colors. These can be rich hues or in delicate pastels. They can be all mixed in one stone, or just one or two colors patterned together.
  • Willow Creek Jasper is mined in southern Idaho. The colors are reminiscent of the high desert landscape where it is found.
  • This particular jasper is very dense and thus, takes an exceptional polish. All of our gem cutting is done in strict accordance with our Quality Assurance and Fair Trade Protocols.
  • Jasper is considered a power stone and a protection stone. It is said that jasper gives one the courage to speak out and have personal independence.
  • 100% natural. No treatments.

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