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American Gems
Snow Drift AgateSnow Drift Agate Photo
  • Snow Drift Agate comes from Central Oregon about 30 miles south of Madras, Oregon.
  • This mine also produces Ice Blue Chalcedony, Polka Dot Agate and Indian Red Agate ™.
  • Snow Drift Agate ™ is a fine addition for fashion in a natural, untreated gemstone.
  • Agates are found all over the planet. There is an abundant amount of varieties found in the western United States including a large selection in the state of Oregon.
  • Agate is a very hard stone, usually in the 7-8 range on the Moh’s hardness scale. Agates are found in almost all colors of the rainbow, although green and blue are very rare.
  • Legend says that Agate improves memory and concentration increases stamina and encourages honesty.

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