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American Gems
Color   lavender to lilac
Gem Family   Purple Sage Chalcedony is a translucent variety of chalcedony quartz
Source   The only known source of Purple Sage Chalcedony is in the United States, in the high desert of Nevada. The sage-brush covered foothills of the Bilk Creek Mountains contain a large geothermal basalt and ash dome that is laced with veins of chalcedony.
Clarity   Translucent with an even milky luster
Size Range   5 to 10 carats
Shapes Available   Purple Sage Chalcedony is cut in cabochons in sizes up to 10x16mm
Enhancement   Purple Sage Chalcedony is not treated: the color is natural, exactly as it is found in the earth.
Lore & History   When the deposit of Purple Sage Chalcedony was first discovered thirty years ago, collectors most often cut this gem to feature its dark black branching tree-patterned dendrite inclusions. They called this patterned gem purple sage agate. Only in 2001, was the gem cut to display its beautiful pastel colors.
Toughness & Hardness   Like other kinds of quartz, the hardness of Purple Sage Chalcedony is 7 on the Mohs scale. Chalcedony has interlocking fibers that make it even tougher than transparent quartz.
Care & Cleaning   Purple Sage Chalcedony is very durable. To clean Purple Sage Chalcedony, use warm water and detergent. Scrub with a soft brush and rinse with warm water.
Price Range   $15 to $35 per carat
Special Characteristics   Miners need to unearth 100 pounds of the rough material to produce just two pounds of solid purple chalcedony. This two pounds will cut only 500 carats of finished gems that are fine enough to qualify as Purple Sage Chalcedony.