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The Most Powerful Direct Mail Program in the Industry!


Select, Print, and Mail within 24 hours!
With a cost just over 1st class postage and a few minutes of your time,
our direct mail program works!


Using the link below, log in to our private site and follow these steps to begin your mailing campaign!


Step 1 - Choose your Direct Mailing
As a retailer, options include sending a single postcard or entire campaign series.

Step 2 - Choose Postcard Image
Your choice of postcards from our pre-designed front and back postcard templates. Choose a 4x6 regular or a 9x6 jumbo postcard for your mailing.

Step 3 - Personalize Your Postcard
Add your choice of items to the back of the postcard selected. Be sure to include your mailing address, tagline, and information on upcoming promotions! Have a logo or photo of your store? You can save it to your Swiftbox for future mailings!

Step 4 - Select Burst or Drip Mailing
Choose whether you’d like a burst of postcards (all at once) or a drip (spread out over a few days).

Step 5 - Place Your Order
Have your order shipped directly to your clients, directly to you, or choose to build a new mailing list using InfoUSA. It’s just that easy!


Call your local sales representative today to sign up or click below!